Sustainable Living and Wellbeing

Sustainable living and wellbeing.

The world is very chaotic right now and the economy is not in a great position.

Austerity measures are in place and I read an article recently that Rome was almost bankrupt last year.

It made me think. How do we live sustainably and how do we make our money last.

What can we do at home to make things different…

When the Greek economy had its woes I was speaking to some people and colleagues and they didn’t want to know anything about it.

It almost seems that  people find it easier to keep going to work and getting paid.

The economy is changing.

Some people around the world are living on less than $1 a day yet so many of us just spend, spend, spend, spend.

I thought today, hey! I don’t want to work forever so what can I do different.

Once upon a time we were able to survive on one income yet today two incomes isn’t even enough.

What can we do differently?  There are many things. We can be mindful and grateful about our situation compared to some of the events going on around the world. We can cook our own meals, make our own clothes or go to the opportunity shop. You can also shop online. Shopping online is alot cheaper.

Instead of wanting and wanting more things we can become aware and buy and use what we actually need.

There are a myriad of ways to live sustainably and creatively.


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