Tips for Sustainable Living


Turn off your computer monitor when you’ll be away for more than a few minutes. Turn off and unplug your printer, speakers, and other peripherals when you’re not using them.

Turn off the lights and music every time you leave the room.

Print rough drafts of papers on the back of scrap paper.

RECYCLE paper and plastic into their allocated areas. Set up some bins.

Donate clothes you no longer use.

Use water wisely and responsibly.

Use your own mug when you’re getting coffee or tea to go.

Refill and re-use water bottles and store them in a refrigerator instead of buying new disposable bottles             of water.

Be water wise when washing clothes and plates, cutlery etc

Buy used and/or recycled products (including textbooks) whenever possible.

These are some tips that we can use. Wherever possible use water and resources wisely and responsibly

Little steps go a long way.


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