This is a great new year.. 2017. It is the year of big changes for everyone.


I just completed my first 800 metre run around an oval. How exciting!


I usually walk. Oh! It is too hard; I cannot do this.


Yet when we look at all the simple steps we can take along our journey and all the other things we have learnt along the way anything is possible.


If you are like myself you may have  a sedentary job.  I have never seen so many young and unwell people working in an office environment. Sitting down creates many illnesses in our bodies which can be avoided.


Research suggests that if we spend half an hour several times a week we can become fit and ward off many of these illnesses.


I am a strong believer in preventative medicine.


If you would like the benefits of feeling fantastic, energetic and motivated start by making small steps to go towards your fitness and slowly build up to becoming a much fitter and healthier person.  Your family and friends as well as yourself will be grateful for that.


Begin the journey today..


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