decluttering and space clearing

In todays age we have a different illness. It is the illness of I want everything now and buying endlessly.


There are many people out there who have a small to moderate hoarding problem and are unconscious about it.  Whether they starting collecting and buying things because they have been through some traumatic event in their life. There are many reasons why someone may have accumulated so many things.


I personally starting buying many things often  unconsciously due to losing my parents. Maybe I was feeling a void through distraction and surrounding myself with things.


I did a big clean up over two days at the beginning of January 2017 and feel fantastic.


I walked into a shopping centre and had to leave. I couldn’t believe how many consumerism products were at hand. It was almost overwhelming.


By removing clutter from our lives and energetically clearing our space it allows us to have more freedom, clarity, focus and creativity in our lives.




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